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Principal's Message

Welcome to DPSG- DEHRADUN!

It is with great enthusiasm that I return to Dehradun after sixteen long years. Much has changed since then. Our quiet little town is a now a capital city of Uttarakhand, high rises have replaced the colonial bungalows, glassy buildings dot the sky line where once Siberian cranes were visible on their trans-continental journeys, Malls which are contemporary and very metro stand impressively in city corners, polluting traffic snarls that are unbelievably long are everywhere and everybody is connected - thanks to technology and affordable package data available!

However, much is yet to be done in Dehradun. I hope to introduce a curriculum that ensures a good quality education that is international in its delivery; an inclusive education that addresses the child and not the aspirations of the parents only; an education that addresses their creativity and empowers students to be responsible for their own learning making them into confident, contributing global citizens.

As a School, we believe in having a strong focus on student academic progress and achievement and continuation to higher professional courses. Students will work in an environment where they are stretched and challenged and have their expectations raised to achieve demanding targets. Yet, their emotional, social and physical well-being will be at the center of all this focus so that our students step out into the world as secure, self-assured, balanced adults with high self-esteem and self-worth.

At DPSG DEHRADUN, we believe that each child matters. We respect diversity and differentiate learning to bring out the best in our students. We understand that the world outside is full of challenges and molly coddling our children with spoon feeding and learning by rote is only killing their aptitude to think critically. It only hampers their ability to experiment and innovate, to discover and make choices. We want our children to be life- long learners, who work with passion and joy at any career choices they make. We want our children to be caring, responsible, ethical, thinking individuals who have a mind of their own and can stand up with a conviction for what they believe in. We want our children to be good communicators adept at technology and eloquent in their speech.

We wish to partner with our parents through this exciting journey that their children will take with us. I would warmly welcome you to come and visit us to experience for yourself all that DPSG - DEHRADUN has to offer.

Ruby Kumar